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I will try my best here to describe the new service & the implications on your mail receiving process. I will also list the details needed by Outlook mail client so you can start using the new services at your convenience.

  • Old mail ( - Once you are able to access this website, your old (which is now ) will not receive your new emails anymore.

    All new emails will be delivered to your new account at which you will retain the same email address as you used to have. You will need to fill in the registration form & choose your new password.

    The information you will supply me will be very useful for me  so I can avoid any future disruption in the services without letting you know.



  • Settings for Outlook - In the tools\accounts at Outlook Express or Outlook 2002/2003
    • Username : your email account without
    • Password: Will be provided to you once the registration process is received
    • POP E-Mail Server :
    • SMTP Server :
    • Please make sure that the option for use same username & password for "my server requires authentication for SMTP


  • Old ( )

    The old website will be disconnected from the net on November 20th. Please make sure that you forward or backup your email to another account very soon



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